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Подпишитесь на Рейтинг новостей рынка труда и персонала Украины. Только самые важные новости и анонсы свежих статей 2-3 раза в месяц на вашу почту
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Подпишитесь на рассылку

Подпишитесь на Рейтинг новостей рынка труда и персонала Украины. Только самые важные новости и анонсы свежих статей 2-3 раза в месяц на вашу почту
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Recruiment services in Ukraine

The list of our recruiting services in Ukraine includes:

1. Recruitment of fulltime personnel for all spheres of economy and business without exclusion (our main service):
Executive Search – selection and recruitment of business leaders for the top-manager positions and professionals of rare qualification;
Management Recruitment – selection and recruitment of lead managers – middle management professionals with multiple years of successful work experience;
Administrative Staff Recruitment – selection and recruitment of exclusive and highly qualified administrative professionals – HR, Assistant or Secretary, Call-Center, Pre-sale specialists etc.

2. Recruitment of temporary personnel – replacement of an employee with another professional of comparable qualification in case of his/her temporary absence or dismissal  due to his/her unsatisfactory work performance, transfer to another position or of other reasons.

3. Preliminaring – attracting young and promising specialists (including university students and fresh graduates) for work or probation at the client’s company.

4. Formation of the company’s staff – providing a full range of services aimed at formation and recruitment of the whole staff of a company.

5. Realization of complex international and regional projects.

Key stages of the personnel recruiting include:
- determine of employment duties and specialist selection criteria;
- conduct a research of the target markets;
- make a list of potential candidates;
- search for candidates using different recruiting technologies;
- hold an interview with the candidates and compile a short list (3-5 people);
- check recommendations;
- make a forecast of the candidate’s successfulness on the new job opening;
- present the candidate to the employer;
- assist in final selection of the best candidate;
- supervise the candidate during the probation period.

This algorithm of recruiting personnel may be changed or amended depending on objective and subjective factors; first of all in accordance with wishes and requirements of the client. Among those influencing factors are the type and scope of the provided recruiting services, complexity and urgency of the order, necessity for attracting additional specialists and consultants, etc.

Our Executive Search service

- Define business needs and search context – Role and candidate profile description
– Search plan

Identification & Assessment
Direct search – Recommendations – Database search – Internet and other candidate sources – Integration of internal candidates – Telephone interviews – Consultant interviews – Progress reports

Shortlist of candidates – Detailed assessment reports – Client interviews – Informal references

Select Executive
Finalist interview – Contract negotiation – Formal reference check

Follow Up
Ensure proper start – Follow up Consultation – Continuing obligations


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